Mentari Mulia Berjangka



What is a segregated account?
Segregated account is a separate account provided by BAPPEBTI for broker firms as a place to store clients’ money. This means incoming fund is secured and if a firm goes in bankruptcy then the clients’ money that are still stored on the account remain intact and can be sent back to them.
What is a real account?
Real account is an account where clients can do transaction in real time and try to trade in person.
What is a demo account?
Demo account is an account that’s used by clients can learn how to trade and learn to see the price movement and place buy/order position. Beginner clients can learn trading strategy and how terminal trading works, how to buy/sell currency pairs or other financial instruments, how to perform technical analysis using indicators, how to make trend line on the chart, or how to perform fundamental analysis through market news.


What is leverage?
Leverage can be seen as using small capital to control bigger amount on the market. By using leverage, clients can increase their chance in getting a profit through small capital. Each broker firm sets different range for the leverage. However, local Indonesian broker firms usually set it to 1:100. This 1:100 means for each USD 1 in a client’s account, he can trade for USD 100.
What are the risk management within trading?
First, there’s cut loss which is when a client takes cut loss position in which he’ll stop to trade in a position. Cut loss is meant to limit bigger loss potential. Second, there’s switching which is done to avoid bigger loss potential as well as make use of profit chance. Switching is done by closing an open position during an opposite new order first. Then, after that a new position is opened according to the price movement that’s running. Third, there’s lock/hedge which is taking a new transaction position with similar value but on the opposite from the previous position. So whenever the price moves, the loss potential will be fixed inside the range in between the two positions. Forth, there’s averaging which is not closing an opened position but then the client adds it by opening a new position on the same direction.
How to start trading after creating a real account?
After an account is successfully opened, an authorized party from PT. Mentari Mulia Berjangka will send a notification e-mail consisting of username and password. The client can log into the MetaTrader platform using the username and password and choose ‘Mentari Mulia Berjangka’ for the server.
What are the benefits for online trading?
It can be accessed 24 hour from Monday through Friday, can be accessed anywhere, easy to learn and use, guaranteed for its safety, and the margin is smaller.
What is online trading?
Online trading is a process of buying and selling commodities on global market through Internet to access all data and information involved in the process.